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Get Started with Pathway to Potential today First Contact: The first thing we would do is have a complimentary, preliminary phone call that allows for us to get to know each other. I would tell you about my background and coaching philosophy, and answer any questions you might have to insure you feel comfortable in taking the next step in establishing a coaching relationship with me. You would then talk about why you are interested in hiring a coach and share what your desires are in the relationship and how I could help enhance your life goals and dreams.
Confidentiality feel confident to share in an environment that fosters success Confidentiality: In our coaching relationship there will be very personal and sometimes intimate details of your life being discussed. As part of the coaching relationship, I will send you an agreement that explicitly insures that anything we discuss will be confidential and not used without your specific permission.
Your Story lets find the keys that will open up your greatest potentials Your Story: The next step is that I would send you a questionnaire so that I have an understanding of your story (background), what you are up to presently and your wants and desires for the future. This may seem a little painful at first, but it really is a chance to do a little personal inventory of your life and will provide keys to uncovering Shadow Beliefs, as well as regrets you may have from your past and desires you have for your future. Don’t worry; I will walk you through any part of it where you are having trouble.
your coach find out more about ted brassfield Coaching Process I am a coach that does face to face, in person coaching as well as phone coaching. The key is the distance between us. Both techniques work wonderfully. If you are local, we can determine what works best for both of us, phone or in person. The coaching session lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Let me tell you, a lot can be done in that time frame. We look back at the previous session and how the goals and challenges are tracking and then to the future towards your short and long term goals. We end with action steps that move you forward to achieving the dream of your new life experience.
achieve results and get a renewal on life with your success Achieving Results: Now for the fun part! You hired me as your coach to achieve specific measurable results and to have a more passionate exciting life experience. My job and my passion are to help you achieve them in the time frame you desire. I am committed to your success. I am committed to you achieving your desires even when you might have doubts about achieving them yourself. Some results will be achieved in a short time frame, as an example, decluttering your house, other may take a longer time frame such as finding a new relationship and keeping it exciting and passionate, or writing that book that is within you.

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