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I’ve always had a passion to live my dreams and support others in living theirs. I had goals since I was very young. I had a goal to graduate college and work in corporate America, write a book, play guitar, piano, travel, live a spiritual life and have fulfilling relationships.

I have accomplished all of these goals, but at the same time, realize that I can write more books, get better at playing guitar and piano, travel more and even have more and deeper fulfilling relationships. I realize that as long as I am living, I will always have goals and the way to accomplish them is to have a plan, write it down and have a measurement for success of these goals.

What are your goals? Have you written them down? Do you feel stuck at even creating your goals? Do you need support accomplishing them?

Asking for support isn’t always easy. Make sure if you do, they have the same goal setting objectives as you do. Sometimes we feel like a failure for not being able to accomplish our goals on our own, however, the thrill of accomplishment will outweigh any feelings of inadequacy once you have seen the fruits of your labor.
Working with a Life Coach can be invaluable because they have only one goal and that is to support you in obtaining yours. Contact me today to get on your pathway to your successful, fulfilled life.
Ted Brassfield

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